Vehicle Protection Plan

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Buy from PSI and ride worry free!

The following protection plans are available from the date of purchase:

  • 90 Day Protection Plan   $189
  • 180 Day Protection Plan   $289
  • 365 Day Protection Plan $449
  • Lifetime Tire Protection Plan $149

Our extended powersports warranty programs protect the essential components of your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or personal watercraft from the high cost of repair or replacement. You've worked hard and made a considerable investment in owning your powersports vehicle and we want you to enjoy riding for years to come. Our extensive coverage and quality service provides you with the peace of mind and security you deserve. Our goal is to protect you from high expenses and to protect your vehicle investment in the best method possible.

With our extended powersports protection plan, virtually every mechanical, electrical or electronic component on your vehicle is covered. While other warranties have an exhaustive list of exclusions, our list of exclusions is short and sweet to help keep you on the road or riding off-road or on the water. When you need repairs for your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, dirt bike, scooter, snowmobile or PWC, when you have our extended warranty, you will rest assured you're covered.

Program features include:

  • No per occurrence benefit limit
  • No maximum number of occurrences
  • No mileage limitations
  • Low $50 deductible


Vehicle Coverage Exclusions: All vehicle parts covered with following exclusions:

  • Vehicle misuse, commercial use and racing and vehicle alterations
  • Damage caused by a non-covered part or an external force or event
  • Routine maintenance, leaks and noises
  • Repairs or replacements that are unauthorized, for performance enhancement, or subject to a manufacturer’s warranty, manufacturer’s recall or other coverage
  • All pre-existing conditions (problems existing prior to sale of service plan)
  • Owner negligence


In addition, the following components are among those explicitly excluded:  Spark plugs, ignition points, PCV valves, filters, banjo and union fittings, brake drums, warped brake rotors, brake pads or shoes, bleed valves, clutch parts including: pressure plates, friction plates and springs; pilot bushing, throw-out bearing, rounded clutch cogs, ears and engagement steps, bent shift forks/grease fittings, thermostats, belts, exhaust and emission components, exhaust pipe system, emission control module, carburetor mounting boots, carburetor, needle and seats, floats and float arms, hoses, light bulbs, lubricants, wheels/rims and tires, shock absorbers, compression dampening housing and external dampening/valving calibrator, batteries, body and trim items including but not limited to: glass, windshields, fairings, hoods, belly pans, bumpers, sheet metal, sealed beams, headlight and/or tail light assemblies; clutch, throttle, choke, brake and compression release cables, clutch, brake and throttle levers/blocks, shift levers, foot pegs, kick stands, manual kick starters and recoil assemblies, track, slides, bogie, wheels, springs, skis, wear rods, spindles/saddles, Impellers, wear rings, engine couplers, drive belts and drive chains.